main water line break

Main Water Line Break in Greater Tulsa, OK

There are instances when the most significant risk to you and your home might originate from an almost imperceptible occurrence, such as a break in the main water line. Pipelines in a residence are often concealed behind the walls, above the ceilings, or under the flooring. In the event that anything goes wrong, it could be difficult to determine exactly where the area of concern is situated. When a disaster befalls their property, homeowners often discover for the first time that something is wrong.

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Main Reasons for Main Water Line Breaks

The temperature of the earth under the water main and the temperature of the water itself both have a role in the occurrence of water main breaks. When there is a rapid shift in temperature, the ground will either shrink when it's cold or swell when it's hot. This fluctuating pressure on the pipes will eventually cause a hole or fracture to form at one of the main's weak areas. After that, water will seep through this opening.

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