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Insurance Professionals Service in Greater Tulsa

Insurance Professionals Service in Greater Tulsa, OK

Insurance will always be a necessity for property owners. There’s no telling when life will throw them a curve ball, so a reliable safety net like an insurance policy is a great help in helping them get back on their feet should the unthinkable happen. However, while home makers and property owners can easily get behind the concept of getting insurance, they’re much pickier when it comes to the act of finding and sticking with an insurance agency.

It’s perfectly understandable, as we’ve heard of many tales of unscrupulous insurance providers leaving their clients high and dry when they needed them the most. This, along with the popularity of social media, has made them much more aware and hesitant to trust any insurance company that comes along to offer them policies for their health or property.

As such, insurance professionals and providers need go the extra mile in proving to their prospective clients of their trustworthiness and ability to follow through, in order to lock in that deal. One concrete way to do this is for insurance providers to align themselves with a reputable and efficient restoration company such as us here at All-Star Disaster Restoration, and have us perform restoration on their clients' damaged homes in the Greater Tulsa, Oklahoma area. The excellent service and sturdy craftsmanship that we bring to every restoration job will be sure to strengthen the bonds between the insurance provider and their policy holders.

Why Choose All-Star Disaster Restoration

If you’re an insurance professional and you’re looking for a respected and reputable restoration company to serve your policy holders in the Greater Tulsa, Oklahoma area, then look no further than All-Star Disaster Restoration.

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We pride ourselves in not only being highly-qualified and experienced in all sorts of restoration jobs - from fire, flood and storm damage restoration to those that involve man-made causes of damage - but also being very transparent when it comes to communicating the costs of materials and labor with you and your policy holder. With us, you can be sure that every detail of the restoration is accounted for.

As a restoration company we also strive in making our restoration jobs as affordable as possible, while still ensuring that the work done will stand the test of time. We do this by using as much of the original materials as possible, with an emphasis on minimizing removal and replacements as we see fit. You can also rest assured that we will handle all the necessary restoration procedures through one point of contact only.

The Perfect Choice for Insurance Professionals/Providers

While we’re a restoration and repair business first and foremost, we can still help you grow as a brand. By aligning with a reputable and trustworthy restoration agency with a peerless work ethic, your policy holders will also know you as someone that they’ve rightfully entrusted the safety of their livelihoods and properties with. Our work stands for its own and anyone who has had the experience of being a client of ours have always been immensely satisfied with our excellent service and attention to detail, so there is no doubt that you only stand to gain by partnering with us.

Should you decide to do so, you’ll be glad to know that our partnership program is free of charge. You only need to guarantee your commitment to our company. To do this, you must guarantee the following:

  • Exclusively recommending us as your service company
  • Giving us a statement of mutual commitment
  • A non-binding agreement
  • Scheduling an implementation meeting
  • Keeping the details of our program within your organization
  • To tell us immediately if you want to cancel our program

In exchange, we will provide these benefits to you and your stakeholders:

  • Renewal introduction material
  • Service company & inspection concept
  • Initial email contact
  • Coverage recommendations
  • Weekly production meetings
  • Debriefing
  • Provide documentation on-line, in near-real time
  • Homeowner’s packet
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Agent survey question

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Contact us immediately at 918-347-4640 to align yourself with one of the most professional restoration firms in the business, All-Star Disaster Restoration.


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