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Baner water leaks

Inside Walls Water Leaks in Greater Tulsa

A wet spot on your carpet or floor isn't similar to an appliance leak, it does lead up the wall to a noticeable watermark. This construes that you may have a water leak behind the wall. And it is certain that there will be water damage both inside and outside unless you call the water damage restoration experts of All-Star Disaster Restoration.

If you want to clear everything harmful leading to your inside-wall water leak, then call 918-347-4640 or CLICK HERE for complete repair and 24/7 emergency service in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, and other cities within our Oklahoma service area. All-Star is available where you need us and when you need us. We can also handle unique challenges like burst pipe repair, appliance leak cleanup, toilet overflow, washer line breaks, storm damage restoration, and more.

Indications of Water Leaks Within the Walls

You can detect water leaks in walls by looking for these key signs:

  • Discoloration on a wall: If water is leaking inside a wall, the outer surface of the wall will take on some discoloration.
  • Inspect walls for a change in texture: Walls that have water leaks behind them are likely to develop a bubble-like texture. Paint or wallpaper will twist and buckle, forming rips or bubble-like shapes as the water distorts their texture.
  • Musty smells: In cases where a leak behind a wall isn’t visible, you may be able to detect the leak using your sense of smell.

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  • Puddles of water: You can be sure that water is leaking into a wall if you see a conspicuously wet carpet or notice that the floor is always wet in a certain area of your home.
  • Any mold or mildew: If a leak in a wall has gone on for some time, there is a higher possibility that mold can grow inside your wall.
  • Leaks in the foundation walls: Water can seep into your home through the foundation walls. These leaks can be caused by faulty plumbing.

Whatever sign it is call us today at 918-347-4640 or contact us online to get a free estimate and allow us to start the water damage restoration work right away.

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