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Black Mold Remediation in Greater Tulsa, OK

After water damage, the dark green or black-brown fungus known as black mold started growing on any porous surface. This mold can spread on a variety of materials, including wood, paper, carpeting, drywall, particle board, furniture, insulation, and more. Black mold infestation can pose a number of health risks.

Black mold thrives best in damp bathrooms, basements, crawl spaces, attics, and other areas with excessive moisture. Don’t worry. In Greater Tulsa, Bixby, Glenpool, Skiatook, and other Oklahoma areas, All-Star Disaster Restoration offers thorough and efficient black mold remediation services. Any time you suspect the presence of black mold in your establishment and need mold remediation service, just contact us at 918-347-4640 or click here to arrange a consultation.

Common Health Hazards Caused by Black Mold

Numerous health problems have been caused by black mold as it reduces indoor air quality. Long-term exposure can cause respiratory illnesses and other potentially fatal health issues. Black mold typically has the following effects:

  • Cold, coughing, sneezing, and sinus infection
  • Allergy, skin irritation, or rashes
  • Itchy eyes, runny nose, and throat irritation
  • Severe congestion
  • Headaches and fatigue
  • Asthma triggers or breathing issues

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Warning Signs of Black Mold at Your Home

  • Black stain: If black stains are visible in ceilings, closets, windowsills, doorframes, air vents, underneath sinks, inside cabinets, grout or caulk, toilet tank, attic, basement, and crawlspace.

  • Dampness: If you find walls and ceilings are always damp that means there is high humidity. Mold can possibly form when there is enough moisture in the air due to humidity or dampness (water vapor).

  • Musty Odor: Although you cannot see it or detect it, black mold usually has an awful musty smell.

Tips to Prevent Black Mold Growth

  • Keep humidity levels in your home as low as possible
  • Ensure that your home has adequate airflow
  • Install exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Repair any leaks in your home's roof, walls, or plumbing to prevent mold from growing
  • After a flood, thoroughly clean and dry the wet area within 24-48 hours

Rely on All-Star Disaster Restoration For Reliable Black Mold Remediation

Our experienced, IICRC-certified mold remediation service provider uses advanced equipment and unique methods to effectively detect mold, remove it from its source and prevent it from spreading or growing.

We also assist our customers with mold testing, fire damage restoration, water damage restoration, and other services. Anytime you need our assistance, simply call at 918-347-4640 or click here to learn more.

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