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Heavy Snow or Ice Damage Restoration in Tulsa, OK

The effects of snow and ice on homes are exacerbated in our region. Ice damming can back up on your roof's eaves and valleys if it becomes cold enough during the winter. As the ice melts, it will force its way beneath the shingles and eventually tear them to shreds. 

Cracks, water damage, and mold could be the consequences of heavy snow or ice disaster. After a heavy snowfall, prompt action is required to avoid extended damages. We at All-Star Disaster Restoration have been serving our clients across Bixby, Catoosa, Oakhurst, and neighboring Tulsa areas whenever you encounter heavy snow or ice damage. Our well-equipped and trained specialists will restore your home and bring it the life again quickly and more effectively. Call our professionals today at 918-347-4640 to know more about our superior services.

Cracks Can Form As A Result of Melted Water

After a heavy snowstorm, you might not feel like clearing your roof right away. The melting snow seeps inside your home over time, weakening the structure and possibly causing the foundation to flood. 

You might not be able to detect the cracks hiding somewhere in the roof. This is where we are experts. With advanced tools and expertise, we will thoroughly inspect your home after a heavy snowfall and detects tiny cracks. If you want to avoid having to pay a lot of money for restorations, get in touch with us.

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Bring The Life Again after A Heavy Snow or Ice Damage

All-Star Disaster Restoration has earned a solid reputation for delivering efficient and trustworthy restoration services. We offer a wide variety of services related to storm damage, including wind damage, tree damage, hail damage, and tornado damage restoration. In order to take benefit of our services,  contact us at 918-347-4640 right now.

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