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Reconstruction Service in Greater Tulsa

Reconstruction Services in Greater Tulsa, Oklahoma

Disasters occur without warning and leave a trail of destruction in their wake. That makes recovering from a flood, fire or major storm an overwhelming experience for many homeowners.

Thankfully, citizens of the Greater Tulsa, Oklahoma area can count on All-Star Disaster Restoration for help. Our company understands the difficulties involved with recovering from a disaster. In your time of crisis, we have emergency crews available on a 24/7/365 basis to begin the clean-up process and handle every repair task required throughout the reconstruction process.  

We pride ourselves in providing stellar restoration services that are applicable to both residential and commercial properties. We also want to give our clients a hassle-free experience, so we’ll gladly assist you in submitting an insurance claim and work directly with your insurance provider and claims adjuster.

Types of Reconstruction Services We Offer

At All-Star Disaster Restoration, we offer a wide variety of services for our customers in Tulsa, OK. We can help with a variety of reconstruction services that include:

Water Damage Reconstruction

Water-related disasters are the most common problems people experience in their homes. The source of the damage can come from plumbing failures, heavy rainfall or a leak in your roof. Regardless of the reason, it’s crucial that the affected area is immediately restored and reconstructed.

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Failing to do so can lead to the following issues that can impact your health and safety:

  • Rapid mold growth
  • Foundation, basement or attic damage
  • Infestation of water-loving insects, pests and parasites
  • Exposure to waterborne illnesses, viruses and disease-causing bacteria

All-Star Disaster Restoration is familiar with the consequences brought about by water damage. We’re armed with the equipment and experience to remove the moisture in your building and keep it dry. We also offer stellar mold remediation services.

Fire Damage Reconstruction

Fire damage doesn’t end once firefighters have extinguished the final flame. Until eliminated by professionals, smoke and soot will continue to impact your property and your contents. Our fire damage restoration specialists are trained to remove the residue from the following types of smoke from your property:

  • Dry smoke: Dry, powdery residue from fast-burning, high-temperature fire
  • Wet smoke: Sticky, smelly residue from smoldering, low-heat fires
  • Protein: Invisible, smelly residue that can discolor paints and ruin varnishes
  • Fuel/Oil: Sticky, stubborn residue from petroleum products damage in the fire
  • Fire extinguisher: Residue from chemical-based extinguishers

Storm Damage Reconstruction

Tornados and hail storms contain powerful winds and heavy rains that can create floods or devastate your building in a matter of minutes. Recovering from these disasters is an arduous process. You will need help in several areas, making it wise to call a professional restoration company like All-Star Disaster Restoration as quickly and possible.

Environmental Damage Reconstruction

A number of catastrophes can be caused by biohazards like methamphetamines, animal waste, trauma situations and harmful chemical spills. These environmental contaminants present a major health risk if they aren’t handled correctly, so it’s in your best interest to summon the skilled professionals from All-Star DR.

Our technicians have decades of experience in the industry. They are well-versed with the steps and caution required to remove hazardous contents from any surface. We’ll also sanitize and disinfect the surroundings to make sure that the contaminants are completely eradicated.

Contact Us for Reconstruction Services in Greater Tulsa, Oklahoma

If your home or commercial property in the Greater Tulsa, Oklahoma area has been devastated by a natural disaster or major accident, contact All-Star Disaster Restoration online or give us a call 918-347-4640 pronto. Our attentive staff will dispatch our emergency response team the minute we receive your call. Our crews are standing by to help on a 24/7 basis.



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