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Crime Scene Cleanup Service in Greater Tulsa

Crime Scene Cleanup Service in Greater Tulsa, Oklahoma

No matter how much we see it in movies, video games or news telecasts, nothing really can prepare us for the emotional shock and trauma of having a crime scene unfold in our home or office. Your private sanctuary has been invaded, your possessions may be missing and investigators are walking through your property in search of clues.

The situation escalates if injuries or fatalities are involved. Regardless of the details, there is a lot to handle. That includes the clean-up process.

When you are forced to deal with a crime scene, be sure to lean on the proven professionals from All-Star Disaster Restoration to handle the clean-up process. With our effort and expertise, all traces of the crime will be removed from your home or commercial property in the Greater Tulsa, OK area. We will get your property clean and secure, and your life back to normal ASAP.

When You Need Crime Scene Cleanup Service

When a crime scene happens in your workplace or home, biohazards may be released that trigger health risks. These substances may include:

  • Blood, viscera and other bodily fluids/tissue
  • Harmful chemicals
  • Dangerous acids or toxic gases
  • Gunpowder and explosive residues
  • Soot and ash
  • Fingerprint dusting powder
  • Other evidence-gathering substances
  • Additional debris from the crime

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Cleaning your property of these substances, and disposing of their residues, will require specialized equipment and expertise. That makes it essential to bring in the experts from All-Star DR.

Choose All-Star DR for Discreet and Professional Cleanup

At All-Star Disaster Restoration, we know how emotionally taxing it is to watch your property become a crime scene. This is why our service is not only thorough but discreet. We will be sensitive enough to avoid creating any additional stress to you and your loved ones while cleaning up your site quickly, efficiently and at a customer-friendly price. Contact us online or give us a call at 918-347-4640 to learn more about our extensive services. Our emergency crews are available to help on a 24/7/365 basis in your hour of need.



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