How Fast Does Mold Grow

Molds are one of the most common water damage that might occur to your belongings. If there is excessive moisture and the temperature is optimal, molds start germinating and growing in 24 to 48 hours. It takes 3-12 days for the spores to start colonizing. Although, they start appearing in front of your eyes in 18-21 days.

Different types of molds take different amounts of time to fully grow. But mostly the longer they are present, the worse the situation will start getting.

No matter how worse the mold situation is in your house, the restoration experts of All-Star Disaster Restoration Inc. will find a way to get rid of them for you. Our services are available in areas like Tulsa, Broken Arrow & Skiatook. Call us at 918-347-4640 or contact us online to learn more about our services!

All About Our Mold Remediation Services

The mold remediation method that our technicians follow is very thorough and detailed. First, they will measure the amount of humidity inside your house. By dehumidifying the entire area, they will stop mold growth. By applying the necessary chemicals and technology, they will restore your furniture and structure from damage that has been caused by molds. After they are done with all the procedures, your entire property will become free from molds and as healthy as it was before.

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When it comes to mold remediation, All-Star Disaster Restoration Inc. provides the best service by the best technicians in your area. For years, they have been curing properties and the belongings inside them which have been affected by molds. This extensive amount of time has rewarded them with all the necessary knowledge that your mold situation calls for. After assigning them to this task, it will no longer be your concern but our responsibility.

You can access our services anytime in Tulsa, Broken Arrow & Skiatook. Just give us a call at 918-347-4640 or contact us online to consult with our experts!

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